Russian purchase of ISIL oil ‘highly unlikely and improbable’

نشست خبری رئیس مجلس شورای اسلامی

Ali Larijani participated in a press conference in the National Day of Parliament held in the Parliament building in Tehran on Tuesday where he responded a host of different questions on the nuclear negotiation, relations with the US, Rouhani’s government cooperation with the Parliament and other issues.


Larijani believed that for Parliamentarians to come closer to a position comparable to Seyed Hassan Modarres (parliamentarian and cleric during Constitutional Revolution and after for whose honor the national parliament day has been called), “representatives should adopt broader vistas regarding nationally critical issues, a view which embrace virtually all priorities of the nation, soaring beyond the petty partisan interests.”

Larijani rejected speculations in some Arab media, either broadcast or print, who had drawn an indirect line of dissent and conflict in positions of Iran’s president Rouhani and country’s Leader Ayatollah Khamenei in claiming that while Rouhani had said in different occasions that it was possible to restore political ties with the US, the Leader had roundly ruled out any relations with the US; “the US has not yet changed its grand policy toward Iran which is systematic enmity toward us, and the Leader had expressed the fact that if the US changed its practical policy on Iran, then Iran would consider a corresponding change in its policies toward the US as well,” Larijani told the press.

On a critique mounted again by an Arab newspaper that the current government had reduced the level of support to Palestine, Larijani believed that the Palestinian issue had not been a tactical option; rather, it had been a strategy to support Palestine, again denouncing the Arab newspaper’s interpretation as flawed.

On recent remarks by Yukiya Amano, IAEA chief on PMD (Possible Military Dimension), Parliament speaker downplayed the criticality of Amano’s remarks as normally used about other member states of the IAEA, since not all countries had implemented the Additional Protocol, and deserved such remarks. “Neither do we take the remarks such serious; our concerns included unfounded claims to which we prepared responses; closing PMD in the Board of Governors is one of our concerns and we hope to see the Powers remain committed to their obligations on that,” he asserted.

Larijani made indirect hints to comparison of the level of cooperation between the Parliament with both current government of Rouhani and past government; “in general, the present government has shown better commitment to the law and the formalities of the process than the previous government; only in handful of cases did the present government violated the express laws, and scores higher,” he told the press.

He also denounced the claims that Russia purchased oil from the ISIL as ‘highly unlikely and improbable;’ “I have not seen anywhere any report verifying this claim independently; these claims are at best unrealistic, and figment of the imagination of those behind the claim,” he added. 

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